5 Interesting Facts About Marathi Language!

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Marathi is a branch of the Indo-Aryan language. Typically, western India and its people use Marathi as their native language. They are known as the Maharashtrian.

The state of Maharashtra has designated the Marathi language as its official language of communication.  Almost 90 million native speakers belong to the group of people who speak the language fluently around the world. As far as the number of people are concerned who speak the language fluently, Marathi is currently ranked fourth in India. 

Marathi, along with Bengali, is the oldest of the Indo-Aryan ethnic literatures, dating back to about 1000 AD. The language is 1500 years old, according to records. It has been discovered that Prakrit and Pali provide the basis for Marathi’s syntax and grammar.

Marathi language with its diversity, authenticity and adaptability, is one of such languages which has a vast history. Any language that dates back to such an old era indeed consists of several interesting facts about it.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most alluring facts about the Marathi language. Also, we would mention how the regional language keyboard dedicated for all Marathi users, is changing the way of communication using one’s native dialect.

Facts regarding the Marathi language’s culture:

Culture is one of the greatest influences on any language and vice-versa. The historical background of the western frontier, the trade and the influence of foreign as well as neighbouring cultures- all these impacted the traditional aspect of the Marathi dialect. For example, Lavani is a popular Marathi folk dance and Sangeet Natak is a distinct style of Marathi drama. The tradition of Diwali Anka magazines still continues to be a limited edition for Diwali.

Facts about the Marathi language in terms of linguistics:

Marathi language inherently embodies a rich diversity in terms of its linguistic characteristics. For instance, the Sanskrit locative case is still preserved in the script. Also, there is a huge gap between written and verbal Marathi language since the colloquial Marathi language has a great deal of dialectal variety. According to research, there are forty-two dialects of Marathi which have a distinct identity of their own. When compared to other Indo-European dialects, the language demonstrates the exclusive and inclusive components. All these have contributed to a great deal of phonological and lexical variety in Marathi dialects.

Such authentic yet diverse characteristics of the language have fascinated people since time immemorial. One recent manifestation of this is the endeavours of the Bharat keyboard to facilitate seamless and effective Marathi conversation even on the virtual platform. 

Besides typing, the Marathi Typing keyboard app specifically focuses on visually engaging media. Contents like GIFs, emojis, BigMojis and selfie stickers are what govern the chatting platform at the moment.

This Marathi keyboard with Marathi stickers is a way to capture the tradition of the past with a newfound method of technological revolution.

The keyboard indeed makes users stand out across chatting and social media platforms. Within no time, anyone can be a pro in typing as it renders the fastest and most reliable ways of conversing. 

This keeps the users captivated like a feel-good book. Users will notice a magical transition and a smooth flow that effortlessly becomes a part of their daily interactions with their loved ones as the app sprinkles its Marathi touch.

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