5 ways to learn Marathi

5 ways to learn Marathi

Nowadays, the growing trend of using regional language as a medium of communication has made Marathi one of the most important languages of the nation.

With the increasing popularity of the Marathi language, many non-speakers of Marathi at times face problems in knowing and learning this language. To solve this budding queries of Marathi speaking enthusiasts, Bharat keyboard has designed an AI-based solution to answer the queries through its Marathi Typing keyboard

To know more about the Marathi typing keyboard and ways to use its amazing features, check out this article.

  • Listen

If you wish to learn the Marathi language and become a fluent Marathi speaker, listen as much as possible in the Marathi language. 

This exercise will brace your mindset and help you recall the Marathi words and tone better. You must grab some popular Marathi music and movies and spend some time listening to them to understand the base of the Marathi language better.

  • Speak

The more you speak, the more you improvise. And whatever better than the digital Marathi typing keyboard as a tool to practice Marathi speaking.

The Marathi typing keyboard comes with a voice typing feature, which enables its users to type their message instantly as they speak out the same.

It is a great tool that remains handy in your android phones and helps you to use the same, anytime, anywhere, at your own comfort.

  • See

Listening and speaking are important, but the more you see and visualise things, the longer they stay active in your subconscious mind.

The Marathi typing keyboard enables you to see the message being typed in Marathi when you use the voice typing feature. Not just that the Marathi typing feature embedded in the Marathi typing keyboard, makes it all the easier for Marathi learners to understand and use this language better.

  • Read

Reading is an essential practice. The more you read, the more you refine your knowledge. Reading is like a building block that is necessary to lay a strong foundation for your career. 

So, in order to develop and nurture this practice of reading, you must read books by popular Marathi poets or authors and spend some time discovering the cultures and values of Marathi in its native language.

  • Type

As the name suggests, the Marathi typing keyboard assists you in typing your message in Marathi across apps on your android devices.

Not just that, it also offers a feature of Marathi typing which enables non-Marathi speakers to type their message in English and get the final output in the Marathi language. 

These are the five easy to use and implement features that can help every non-Marathi experience the taste of the Marathi language in no time.

You can download the Marathi typing keyboard across all your android devices using the play store and enjoy hassle-free usage of the Marathi typing keyboard. 

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