8 Reasons why Marathis Love Marathi Keyboard

8 Reasons why Marathis Love Marathi Keyboard

Did you ever have to communicate with someone who spoke a different language? The annoyance might be uncontrollable. You might be struggling with words when you know the language. Imagine if you didn’t know the language. When it comes to Marathi, typing in Marathi when you don’t know Marathi can be an awkward and problematic situation.

Fret not, reader! Bharat Keyboards have you covered. Use their Marathi keyboard to type in Marathi like a pro.

Here are Eight Reasons why Marathis love the Marathi Keyboard:

  1. Simple-to-Use User Interface: You will find that the Marathi Keyboard has a friendly, simple user-interface. Even if you’re using a third-party keyboard for the first time, you will be able to use it without difficulties.
  2. Meme, Sticker and GIF Library:  Marathi keyboard offers a library full of Marathi Stickers, Memes and GIFs. In this modern era, who doesn’t love a meme? Memes, Stickers and GIFs make your conversations enjoyable and worth savouring. Their library full of Marathi stickers and memes will help you add flavour to your chats.
  3. English to Marathi Typing Keyboard: The keyboard offers you an option to type in English. The typed text is translated to Marathi automatically. This comes along with the standard option to type directly in Marathi. It will be quite convenient if you’re still learning Marathi(or how to use a third-party keyboard).
  4. Improved Typing Speed: This application offers many features which help you type more efficiently. An example is a ‘voice-to-text’ feature, which converts your speech-to-text, effectively making typing effortless. Another feature is the ‘Glide keyboard’ for higher speeds if you have to type the content manually but quickly. 
  5. Customization:  The Marathi Keyboard has a feature by which you can create custom stickers using your selfies. It will suggest stickers based on the text you type. You can also set a keyboard theme by selecting one of them from the theme library. Want to use your own picture? Easy! The developers planned it well.
  6. New Features: The Marathi Keyboard provides you with some unique features. BigMoji is one of them. It allows you to send emojis as stickers by long-tapping them. The keyboard also deploys an AI that suggests stickers and memes based on how you use them, along with checking if you made a spelling error somewhere.
  7. Security: High security and reliability is an added plus with this app. You can trust it with your privacy. It does not collect your data except random usage statistics, which are needed for further development. The application stores every new word it learns in a local dictionary on your smartphone. 
  8. Free Usage: The Marathi keyboard is absolutely free. Yes, you read it right! There are no in-app purchases or upgrades. That is because it adheres to the ‘what you see is what you get’ principle. You will surely get the best out of this keyboard.

You might want to download it for yourself, given the variety of features. If you’re one of the people we talked about above, go ahead! Use this link: Download the Marathi typing Keyboard.

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