How can we add Marathi Keyboard in WhatsApp?

The present world is full of cultures and other various languages. Among all the beautiful languages, Marathi stands out as one of the sweetest mother tongues. Suppose you belong to the Maratha community or are strongly urged to practice your favorite language constantly. In that case, it is time to install the Marathi keyboard on your phone for more convenience.

WhatsApp is one of the top chosen applications on the internet which also happens to be voted number one social media by the general people of the 21st century. Meta has indeed brought about a change in communication among people in various corners of the world. Hence, communication and gossip have become everyday things for all the blooming souls. The best part about the application is that it allows people to communicate in their preferable languages now.

Suppose you are tired of translating Marathi texts from the daily conversations on WhatsApp from English. In that case, you can check out the following article for installing the Marathi keyboard on WhatsApp now

Features of Marathi Keyboards

Understandably, you sometimes freak out while driving or riding to some place and when you must urgently drop a quick text to someone in English. In such hurried situations, most people prefer communicating in their mother tongue rather than some foreign language. Thus, if you feel tired of translating all the English texts to Marathi, it is time to roll the dice in the opposite direction.

In simple words, why not utilize the facility of typing in your preferred language when Meta has already arranged it for the people? Yes, you got it right. It is now possible to type and text directly in the Marathi language, which would give you the freedom to gossip in your preferred language in a wholly fledged manner to your family and friends over WhatsApp.

You might be a little confused about what features these Marathi Keyboards can offer you. If you want to know further, check out the following points quickly!

·         Ease of use:

The best part of using the Marathi keyboard on your WhatsApp is the ease of use. Unlike other keyboards, you would not have to download and install any exterior applications from the play store to make the language preference applicable on your WhatsApp. When choosing Marathi keyboards, you only need to make specific changes in your settings, and then you are good to go.

·         Availability of preferences:

One of the best things you can find on the Marathi keyboard is the availability of preferences. There are a lot of people in the world who have already become habituated to standard keyboards. Thus, suddenly using a new keyboard out of nowhere can be confusing. To get over such situations, Meta allows WhatsApp users with a particular preference feature which works in both ways.

The users who are comfortable typing Marathi words in English can keep their letters on the keyboard as English, but whatever they type comes out in Marathi.

On the other hand, if you choose the other option available, you can directly have the Marathi alphabet on the keyboard upon typing, giving out Marathi texts now.

·         Plentiful options:

Just like English keyboards come in various types and styles, you can also get similar facilities with the Marathi keyboard. Some of you might be beauty freaks out there, and thus, you might not want to settle for something as simple as that of the Marathi g board facilities. Hence, you have nothing to worry about, as the Marathi keyboards come in more than one form. If you want customized Marathi keyboards, then you can install one from the play store itself. It is not much of a headache to complete the installation even.

·         Get unique stickers:

Suppose you want to express your emotions better in your mother tongue, Marathi language. In that case, you can also try out the unique sticker collections from the Marathi keyboards.

Not only can stickers help you express your feelings and emotions better while texting in Marathi, but emoticons and emojis also play a vital role in the process. Thus, you can either settle for the stickers or go for the emoticons. In some cases, you can choose both as well. Therefore, without waiting any further, go and get your suitable Marathi keyboard for making texts and gossip easier to understand on WhatsApp.

After going through all the above options, it must be clear that operating a Marathi keyboard can only be easier and more exciting than using other keyboards because the topnotch facilities that these keyboards provide cannot be compared to the other standard ones at any time.

How to install a Marathi keyboard on WhatsApp?

If it is your first time using the Marathi keyboard on WhatsApp, then you would have to learn the significant way in which you can install the keyboard on your device in the first place. The initial stages of installation might be a bit confusing for you at first, but once you start getting into the process, it would be no big deal to figure out what to do after what.

The following points will help you figure out ways to install Marathi Keyboard on your WhatsApp:

·         You must long press your space bar on the standard keyboard in the first step.

·         Then you can check for the listings of keyboards available in the instant list. If you find the Marathi keyboard over there, your task will become more accessible than you can imagine.

·         However, if you do not find the preferable keyboard on the instant listing, you have to go for the difficult option, which is not that difficult.

·         You can directly open your settings in the device and then look for the language and inputs option.

·         If you do not find it at once, then it would be helpful to search in the advanced settings.

·         After opening the language and inputs, you can effortlessly search for the Marathi keyboard and select it according to your app preferences.

·         Once the process gets done, you can open your WhatsApp to find out if the method has worked or not.

Hence, now the entire point of choosing your preferred Marathi keyboard for WhatsApp has only become a matter of a few minutes. You can quickly install your Marathi keyboard on your WhatsApp without wasting further time!    

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