Which is the best Marathi Keyboard for Android?

Marathi Keyboard App

Marathi is the easiest language you can pick up within months. Hence, when you converse with someone in Marathi, you feel an authentic Maharashtrian flavor. However, it sometimes becomes impossible to converse with your friends and family members frequently due to our work pressure. The Marathi Keyboard app is just the perfect application that keeps you connected with your roots. Using the Marathi alphabet, you can stay connected with your family and friends using the keyboard.

User-Friendly Keyboard

One of the valuable features of the Marathi Keyboard is that it is incredibly user-friendly. There is no need to learn the alphabet of Marathi properly. The keyboard is in English, but you can type Marathi using the English alphabet. It helps to make typing easier and faster. Moreover, since you can download the keyboard in Marathi free from the net onto your Android phone, you can use any of your apps. Hence, it helps you stay connected with your friends and loved ones over social media. It gives you a feeling of oneness as you stay connected with your native language and culture.

Marathi keyboard

Features of the Marathi Keyboard

Messaging has never been so easy without the Marathi keyboard app. You can now express your thoughts and feelings in your mother tongue with your friends and loved ones. Moreover, there is no need to struggle with typing in Marathi, as with the help of the keyboard, you can type instantly in your native Marathi language. Following are some exquisite features of the Marathi keyboard that will resolve all your issues with the language.

·         A perfect keyboard

The keyboard in Marathi is apt as it converts text from English to Marathi easily. Moreover, it also keeps maximum accuracy of the language as you can type in without any errors. Hence, it boosts your confidence as you will be able to convey the messages by typing using exact words. Moreover, it also helps you to type the text in your native language without making any mistakes.

·         High speed in conversion

One of the most prominent features of the Marathi keyboard is that it converts the text to Marathi at lightning speed with utmost accuracy. It is so smooth that, at times, you do not realize the conversion has taken place. You will be surprised to see that your message in Marathi is perfect.

·         Auto Suggestions

There can be instances when you cannot express yourself because of a lack of words. With the app’s help, you can take the built-in artificial intelligence’s help and suggestions. It is conducive because as soon as you type the text, the app checks the spellings and corrects them instantly. Moreover, there are also times when you cannot phrase a sentence correctly. The auto-correct feature of the Marathi keyboard corrects the vocabulary of the Marathi language. It is a great way to improve your skills in your native language. Hence, you can converse smoothly with your friends and loved ones. You can send them jokes, memes, and stickers in Marathi.

·         Fast typing

The advantage of using the Marathi keyboard is that you will be typing faster. Since you are already well conversant in typing Marathi using the English alphabet, with the help of phonetics, you will be typing Marathi using the alphabet. Hence, it will be easier for you to type fast and stay connected with your friends and relatives on social media. However, if you are facing problems with your typing speed, the app’s voice-to-text feature will help you type faster. You need to speak the words, and it will automatically convert them into text. Thus, it will create a win-win situation for you as you can converse instantly without wasting time.

·         Highly secure and reliable

The Marathi keyboard app is highly secure and reliable. It is because once you download the Marathi keyboard from the net, it will ask your permission whether you want to install it on your android phone. It also provides high security for your data and your personal information. You can, without any doubt, download and install the Marathi keyboard onto your Android phone and use it seemingly with other applications.

·         Free download

You can use the Marathi keyboard app as and when you require. It is because you can download it for free over the net. You can go to ‘The Play Store of your Android phone and search for Marathi Keyboard. It will give you a list of various types of Marathi keyboard apps, and you can choose any of them according to your liking and tap on the download button. It will automatically download onto your phone, but your Android phone will ask your permission before installing the keyboard. It is a great option to be active on social media with your friends and loved ones. Moreover, it allows you to switch from Marathi to English when needed.

·         Smart Keyboard

One of the essential features of the Marathi keyboard is that it comes with a pre-loaded dictionary. However, certain words are not in store. Hence, when you type in a new word that is not in the dictionary, you can easily store them. It helps you to use the words in the future when you are typing or conversing in Marathi. Moreover, with a single swipe on your Android phone, you can easily add GIF images and Emojis according to your choice. The keyboard also offers you to create stickers with animated selfies. Therefore, it does not matter in which part of the world you live; you can still connect with your roots using the Marathi keyboard.


The Marathi keyboard application is one of the most popular applications in the country. You can connect with your friends and loved ones in your language, thus keeping you active in your mother tongue. So, even if you are not well conversant in the language, the app will help you to become familiar with Marathi. So, why are you waiting? Download the marathi keyboard app and make yourself active among your family members and friends. 

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